“Ten Scottish bands you might not have heard of but should……could well be one of the next big indie-pop bands”

    “The final group tonight is The Little Kicks, a group from Aberdeen who has already been lauded by many critics and they do not disappoint. Despite appearing reticent, Steven Milne is a real talent who walks around the stage with a confidence that belies his bashful manner when speaking to the audience. The group deserves the adulation they have been receiving; straight to the point and bursting with attitude; a perfect way to close the night.”

    “They generate effortless waves of breezy and witty indie pop, that is instantly accessible and has hooks, melodies and genuine warmth in abundance….they stride forward armed with a strong catalogue of songs laced with upbeat hooks that are stamped with their own personality….Milne’s harmonious voices glides through the jangly, occasionally angular riffs, alongside prominent funky bass…These guys should be happily rubbing shoulders with FM radio stalwarts Elbow etc, gracing daytime radio playlists up and down the country…with a wealth of catchy songs at their disposal and some savvy self promotion, they might just be able to take things to the next level without the aid of a label.”
    **** 4/5 IS THIS MUSIC?

    “Glowing accolades from the likes of Radio Scotland’s Vic Galloway, a cracking Radio Clyde session with Jim Gellatly and a 7/10 review in the NME have all contributed to a late flurry of praise since the release of their self-titled album The Little Kicks. The record is a collection of songs which blazes through its 32 minute running time in a flash, and begs for you to hit repeat.”

    “Aberdeen’s The Little Kicks describe the material on their self-released second album as “catchy indie-pop”. Compared to far bigger bands talking about every new release as if it’s Kid A, this is modest. Yeah OK, they don’t shy away from writing a nice chorus, and “Making Big Decisions” is custom-tooled for an Inbetweeners style montage, but “Anti-Work Song” and “Loosen Up” both showcases a nice line in brittle funk, while “The First Place” and “Call Of Youth” are pocket epics to be proud of. It’s all tap-on-the-shoulder rather than slap-in-the-face music, but there’s a lot to like.” 7/10

    NME (Album Review)

    “Despite claiming to be influenced by Radiohead, The Little Kicks still manage to make upbeat disco-rock. Lead singers Steven’s voice does encompass Thom Yorke’s drawl, but he’s got a bit of Richard Ashcroft to him too. Mixed with Smiths-like melodies its pretty fresh-sounding stuff.”


    “If anyone has the songs and ability to be a breakout act from this night then the most likely are The Little Kicks. They have a song writing maturity that belies their years, and their set is over all too quickly. Push old ladies on Zimmer frames out of the way to get to see this lot next time they’re in your town.”

    “Armed with a set of memorable tunes and from the moment they ring out the delicate introduction of opener Let Me Down, they have the crowd firmly on their side. Faves tonight are the Beatles-y Don’t Give Up So Easily and a belting Chances We’ve Had. On the strength of this, it won’t be long before Little Kicks are getting big licks from the music industry headhunters.” NEWS OF THE WORLD

    “Their set is another winner; the jangly guitars and pounding rhythms, reminiscent at times of a less electronic New Order, if there is any justice then The Little Kicks shall be massive.”

    “What would probably destroy a lot of indie bands proves rather fruitful for this duo. Stripped bare, Milne’s gripping voice is given the attention it deserves. Strong and believable and accompanied by gently picked melodies and clever interchanging rhythms, his lonesome vocal is perfectly understated.”

    “The debut album “Boxing Clever” is a masterpiece of its style and those who appreciate it will do so wholeheartedly.”